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Landon's Story

Landon left the music industry as a Billboard charting singer/songwriter to use her voice advocating for children and women who’ve experienced trafficking and exploitation. Over the years, she’s lent her expertise to national organizations and boards combatting human trafficking and abuse of women and children. She’s a partner with The National Center On Sexual Exploitation and a member of The Coalition To End Sexual Exploitation. In 2021, Landon directed the largest coalition and demonstration at our Southern border exposing the human trafficking crisis. In 2022, Landon was invited to give a TEDX talk at the historic Franklin Theatre. Months after receiving a standing ovation, she was told her talk, “Stopping The Epidemic of Child Trafficking & Exploitation” was BANNED by TEDX for supposedly violating their content guidelines yet they failed to cite any part of the talk that violated the guidelines. Child protection advocates were quick to condemn TedX for banning Landon’s powerful talk.

Landon is a national speaker, writer, musician and warrior for children. Her advocacy work is regularly featured on news outlets like Fox News, Breitbart, The Federalist, Daily Wire, and more. Landon is the Founder of Freedom Forever; a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from abuse, trafficking, and exploitation.


Landon has been one of the leading voices combatting child mutilation and the harms of radical gender ideology. Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire invited her to join forces for The Rally To End Child Mutilation at The Tennessee Capitol where she spoke and MC’d the event with thousands in attendance. Landon’s leadership and activism inspired two of the biggest child protection bills in the country during the 2023 legislative session. Landon gave expert testimony for both of these bills at the Tennessee Capitol and continues to advise on public policy related to child exploitation. Landon is passionate about her advocacy work but her greatest achievement is being a wife to her husband Robby and a Mother to her 3 miracle children on their homestead in Franklin, Tennessee. 

Landon's life

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About My Non-Profit

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While rescuing kids is good and necessary, it doesn’t address or solve the epidemic of child sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. We must address the growing DEMAND.

Freedom Forever is an American non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children from abuse, trafficking and exploitation in ALL FORMS.

Landon Starbuck - March

Our #1 mission is to identify the vulnerabilities and access points so we can INTERVENE BEFORE more kids are groomed, abused and exploited. When we succeed it means that there are less children who need to be rescued. Filling this critical gap in child safety is why Freedom Forever was born. 

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